Terms and Conditions and Guinea Fowl Colors

Welcome to Flint River Guinea

“Georgia’s Best Little Guinea Fowl Hatchery"

Keet orders will be filled in the order that they are received from late May until end of August  2020

We currently are not taking any more orders that require shipping. We will update our website if we are able to open up ordering again. We are accepting orders for local pickup.

Local Pickup will be at B and B Feed Store 833 Spring Creek Rd. Thomaston, Georgia 30286 by appointment only. This is just the feed store where we purchase our feed from. 



We very much appreciate your business and would like to make ordering day old keets a predictable and pleasant experience for all our customers. So, all orders from Flint River Guinea are subject to the following terms and conditions, and any purchaser of keets from Flint River Guinea agrees to these terms and conditions as a prerequisite of ordering. There are no exceptions to these terms and conditions, so please read them carefully and be sure you are willing to abide by prior to ordering. 


Orders may be placed right here. You can also place your order over the phone during normal business hours at 706-741-2904. You should know that Flint River Guinea is a small hatchery that is operated by a mother and a daughter. We stay busy taking care of our guineas so there may be a small delay in responding to your inquires. Please be patient.

Live Arrival Guarantee:

We offer a live arrival guarantee for your keets. This means we will refund for paid keets that were dead on arrival. You will be given a refund for the value of the dead birds. We do not send replacement birds. We do not refund for any free keets you received. We do not refund shipping cost. Please let us know how the keets made the trip as soon as you pick them up from the post office. To get your refund you must notify us on the same day of delivery. Please send a photograph of the deceased keet on messenger or by email (flintriverguinea@gmail.com). Take a photo of the dead keet inside the shipping box, take a photo of the box, and the side of the box. Please also take a photo of the shipping label. Once the keets arrive and are in your care they are your responsibility. We are not responsible for any losses that occur. 

Hatchery Tours:

We’d love to spend time with you at the hatchery and show you our beautiful guineas, but we take biosecurity very seriously, and hatchery tours can expose our flocks to disease transmission. We simply can not take that risk, so we don't schedule hatchery tours or the pickup of orders at the hatchery. Orders can be picked up at the B and B Feed Store 833 Spring Creek Rd. Thomaston, Ga. 30286 by appointment only.

Minimum Order:

15 Keet minimum order is required for shipping and there is no minimum order for pick up. Please keep in mind that guinea fowl do better in groups. They are a social bird.

Keets are sold as straight run (unsexed) and Hatchery Choice colors (we select the colors for you). 


If you choose to cancel your order we will issue you a gift certificate to be used on a future purchase. We DO NOT do money back refunds. If you need to cancel your order, please email us the reason for your cancellation. It is difficult to precisely predict laying rates, fertility rates, and hatch rates. We do our best to accurately estimate delivery dates, but it is only an estimate, and we can be wrong. If Flint River Guinea cannot fill your order within 3 weeks of your estimated shipping date, a full refund will be issued if requested. 


We only ship to the lower 48 states. Orders are usually shipped out on a Monday or a Tuesday via USPS. Shipping rate is flat rate pricing.  We ship “Priority Mail Express.” Shipping rate will be calculated at checkout. We will notify you a week prior to shipping and again when we ship with your tracking number. “Priority Mail Express” is the fastest mail service offered by the post office. It provides a 1 day or 2 day Priority Mail Express delivery. Note: a full postage refund will be paid only if the shipment is not delivered or delivery attempted within 3 days. The customer should expect a 2-3 day delivery standard. This is the USPS policy on live day old birds. If a late delivery occurs, an insurance claim will need to be submitted through USPS for a refund. 
Guinea Keets will be held at your local post office for pickup. The Post Office will call you when they arrive. 


Payment is required when the order is placed. We will give you an estimated delivery date. We ask that you be flexible up to 3 weeks if necessary.

Guinea Keet Care:

We send a Guinea Keet Care Guide with each order. We do not recommend raising your keets any other way than what we suggested in the Care Guide. Something that we changed this year is we recommend raising your keets on 1/2 hardware cloth. Large flake pine shavings can be used under the wire about three inches below to catch the droppings. Clean your brooder often. Guinea Keets are susceptible to Coccidiosis. Feeding your keets a medicated chick starter that contains Amprollium will reduce the chance of an outbreak. Always provide fresh clean water and the recommended food. Make sure the heat lamp was intended for poultry use.

Similar colors of Guineas are housed together and others are kept separate. We are able to hatch out every color of Keet. We are currently working on building additional enclosures. 

Our flock of guineas consists of these colors:

Pen # 1 Buff

Pen # 2 Bronze

Pen # 3 Porcelain

Pen # 4 Lavender , L Pied

Pen # 5 Pewter

Pen #6 Slate  

Pen #7 Royal Purple, RP Pied

Pen #8 White, Pinto

Pen #9 Coral Blue, Opaline

Pen #10 Brown, Cinnamon,Buff Dundotte

Pen #11 Pastel

Pen #12 Sky Blue, Powder Blue

Pen #13 Violet

Pen #14 Chocolate, Blonde

Pen #15 Jumbo Pearl Gray

Pen #16 Copper 

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