READ DESCRIPTION BELOW-Guinea Fowl Hatching Eggs (One Dozen +) Hatchery Choice Colors

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Sold Out. We will open up ordering again on June 20, 2021.

Preorder for the 2021 HATCHING SEASON , Guinea Fowl Hatching egg orders will only be filled from now until August 30th, 2021.  If hatching eggs are purchased by 8 p.m. EST on a Sunday, they will ship out on Monday. Otherwise, your order will ship the following Monday. 

We can only fit 1(one) dozen eggs per box. 

Guinea Fowl hatching eggs. Hatchery Choice Colors, we select the colors for you. We are unable to take any color requests . Eggs will be shipped U.S.P.S. "Priority Mail.” (2 to 3 days delivery time if the Post Office delivers on time). If your eggs are delayed by the post office and arrive late, we are not responsible. We will not issue any type of credit or a refund. We will not reship out more eggs. 
Please read all information and know the risks before purchasing! You will receive hatchery choice colors, we select the colors for you. Eggs will be shipped out only on a Monday. Your hatching eggs will be fresh, laid either on Saturday or Sunday. When we ship the hatching eggs, we will email you with a tracking number and estimated delivery date. 
Hatching eggs will be shipped based on the order of purchase. We can hold until YOU are ready to receive them. Please message us in the note section if you have a date preference. Prior to packaging we label and wipe clean (NOT wash) every egg. We take extra care when packaging your eggs to ensure the best possible outcome prior to leaving our hatchery. Each egg is individually wrapped in bubble wrap, placed in an egg carton, and wrapped in bubble wrap again before being placed in the shipping box. We use extra bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and air pillows inside the shipping box to limit movement of the packaged eggs. Your eggs will be double boxed. 
IMPORTANT: To hold your hatching egg order at your local Post Office, please create an account on and enter your tracking number. Request under delivery instructions for your package to be held at your Post Office for pickup. If you do not request the Post Office to do this, your package will go out on your local delivery truck all day getting shuffled around unnecessarily. 
Please be advised and understand the risk when purchasing hatching eggs that once the eggs are in the hands of the postal service there is nothing we can do. There is always risk when shipping eggs that can compromise fertility such as postal service shipping delays, rough handling, X-ray machines, and extreme temperatures. By Purchasing Our Guinea Fowl Hatching Eggs You Agree To Our Terms Above. No Refunds, No additional eggs will be sent if the Post Office delivers late and no store credit will be issued. 

Similar colors of Guineas are housed together and others are kept separate. We are able to hatch out every color of Keet.
Our flock of guineas consists of these colors

Pen # 1 Buff
Pen # 2 Bronze
Pen # 3 Porcelain
Pen # 4 Lavender , L Pied
Pen # 5 Pewter
Pen #6 Slate
Pen #7 Royal Purple, RP Pied
Pen #8 White, Pinto
Pen #9 Coral Blue, Opaline
Pen #10 Brown, Cinnamon, Buff Dundotte
Pen #11 Pastel
Pen #12 Sky Blue, Powder Blue
Pen #13 Violet
Pen #14 Chocolate, Blonde
Pen #15 Jumbo Pearl Gray
Pen #16 Copper (currently we have some of our growouts housed with the Coppers, unknown colors will come from these eggs)



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Pickup is available. Please select Pickup in store at checkout. 
Please be flexible up to 3 +- weeks of the date given. 


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  • 5
    Great service

    Posted by Estesfamilyfarm on Aug 10th 2020

    Never have had a issue, our eggs came safely and are still in incubator.

  • 5
    Hatching eggs

    Posted by Melissa Heiges on Jul 21st 2020

    THese were the best packaged eggs I have ever received. 1 box out of the 5 was pretty beat up, but every egg was perfect! Not 1 cracked egg out of 120 eggs!!! AMAZING!. PLUS all the extras! Definitely recommend getting your eggs from them!

  • 5

    Posted by Allison Lutterman on Jul 14th 2020

    Excellent customer service! Fast shipping!!!

  • 5
    Excellent variety!

    Posted by Desiree Ramirez on Jun 29th 2020

    I ordered a variety pack, they sent many more than I ordered, and gave me any color I could have wished for! I can’t wait to order again! Lady that answered the phone was Awesome!

  • 5

    Posted by misty on Jun 24th 2020

    Eggs arrived at the post office in perfect shape. Some extras were even added to the package. All of the eggs were numbered so you know what color they are. Communication before shipping allowed me to have the incubator ready to go when the eggs arrived. I just need to wait and see how many I can get to hatch.

  • 5
    Guinea Eggs

    Posted by Clyde Cater on Aug 8th 2019

    I ordered one dozen fertile guinea eggs. I received two dozen. Fourteen hatched! Three expired due to birth deformities. Communication and information was great with this supplier. I am very happy with FRG!

  • 5
    Hatching eggs

    Posted by Mary Ann on Jul 16th 2019

    I am very pleased with the eggs that I received. They were packed extremely well. I asked for a variety of colors and the eggs were numbered in pencil by color. Very responsive to questions and so very helpful. My eggs are incubating now and I’m hoping for a good hatch. Thank you so much Flint River Guineas!

  • 5
    More than a dozen eggs were sent and each was labeled with a number and the number was noted in a card letting me know how many of each color was shipped.

    Posted by Pamela Sydney on Jul 1st 2019

    Keets , eggs in incubator, have not hatched yet. Anticipation is driving me insane to see the babies hatch. Expecting a great hatch rate. So far excellent shipping and excellent quantity. Will definitely do business again.